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Apex Kidney Care Pvt. Ltd. (AKC) provides comprehensive kidney care at affordable rates to patients suffering from kidney disease. Apex runs a chain of world class dialysis centres. Being launched, owned and run by nephrologists (kidney specialists) Apex and its family of patients get a unique advantage in terms of the quality of dialysis delivered and the ethics abided. It is the first such institution in India and the only one at present.

Special Services

In addition to providing Medical services, we believe that people should be responsible for improving their own lot in life. Keeping this in mind we have started the following special services.

Vascular Access

AKC has doctors who specialize in this type of surgery. Ask your nephrologist is recommended before going for an Access surgery.

Diet and Nutrition

It very important to follow a strict diet. With a balanced diet it is possible to reduce your dependency on medicines and keep your kidneys healthy.


It is very difficult to find skilled dialysis technicians. ASDT trains students to increase the available pool of dialysis technicians.

Meet Our Directors

We have a panel of directors who have made every endeavour to lead Apex to provide a better quality of Dialysis, help patients lead a more fulfilling life and at the same time not deviate from the basic tenants that has made Apex one of the most trusted dialysis providers in India

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