Why Diet is Essential? A balanced diet should compliment the lifestyle and medicines if prescribed to a patient.
This not only helps the efficacy of the medicines , but helps the patient welfare in a very natural and subtle way.
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Healthy Recipes

Have a look at all the recipes that we have gathered to help you get a new start to healthy cooking. You can tailor your diet exactly according to your medical needs.

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Seviya upma

Protein(g) 4.5
Fat(g) 5
Energy(Kcal) 200
Na(mg) 4
K(mg) 83
P(mg) 48

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Doctor's Speak

Dr. Rachana Jasani - PhD., RD.

It is very important to know that diet in disease conditions does not necessarily imply that the diet would be bland and dull. The same food can be made attractive, delicious as well as healthy by appropriate selection of food items. This is where you may need a Renal Dietician.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar - MD., DM.

Diet modification is one of the prime factors of supportive care in chronic kidney disease. I strongly feel that a patient can definitely pull on for a long time with this disease if he follows the necessary dietary restrictions. It can go a long way in prevention of complications.


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