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Dec 02, 2018 / By Team AKC


Apex Kidney Foundation had organized Continuous Dialysis Education (CDE) program for its Dialysis Physicians, Dialysis Technologist & Trainees on Sunday, 2nd Dec 2018 at 3rd Floor, Main Auditorium, Opp. Physiology Hall, Lokmanya Tilak (Sion) Hospital, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Sion, Mumbai.


The aim of this event is to review current dialysis practice & to enhance the technical & clinical knowledge of dialysis technicians of AKC which leads to the qualitative improvement in an individual in their capacity as Dialysis professionals and so the improvement in quality of delivering dialysis service to the patients as well.

This conference was scheduled from morning 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The attendance in this conference was 299 technologists.

At the beginning the technologists were provided with writing pads, pens, wrist band and Key chain. The program was inaugurated by lamp lighting conducted by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr Shrirang Bichu, Dr. Vishwanath Bill, Dr. Deepa U, Mr. Sudhir Bagarao.

In the lectures session, experts from the field were invited to talk on topic related to dialysis (Dr. Divya Bajpai, Dr. Amish Mahtre, Dr. Rohan Pradhan Dr. Ganesh Sanap, Dr. Mohd Shah Alam, Dr. Virendra Gupta, Dr. Komal Nagori, Mr. Saiprasad W.)

1. Dr. Rajesh Kumar- Dialysis – Journey of Dialysis (Past, Present & Future)

2. Dr. Divya Bajpai-  Dialysis – How it works?(Diffusion/Convection)

3. Dr.Vishwanath Billa, Dr. Deepa Usulmarty, Dr. Komal Nagori, Dr. Ganesh Sanap –                 (How to Individualize Dialysis treatment(Role of Sodium, Potassium and Bicarbonate  modelling)

4. Sudhir Bagarao - Dialysate circuit and It’s importance

5. Dr.Shrirang Bichu- Complications during ongoing Hemodialysis & Management Including CPR

6. Dr. Amish Mahtre, Dr. Alam Shah, Dr. Virendra Gupta- Vascular Access care( Maximize the life of lifeline)

7. Saiprasad Waingankar- Clean AKC Always

8. Dr. Paras Dhedia- Dialysis catheter and How to Extend in life

9. Dr. Rohan Pradhan & Dr. Rajesh Kumar- Infection control in dialysis unit: Interactive Session)

10. Sudhir Bagaro, Kavita Devgirkar, Neha Vishwakarma, Ramesh Singal- Suggestion/Discussion on quality Audit


The entire conference was an exhaustive learning experience for all the technologists. A quiz session was arranged towards the end in order to summarize the major lessons learnt throughout the day and each winner in the quiz was awarded (Quiz Winner 1st Prize Mr. Chetan Khakhe, 2nd Prize Mr. Sagar Mishra and Mr. Divya Chandran, 3rd Prize . Mr. Swapnil Solkar, The program was then concluded by thanks giving by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sir

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