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Apex Homecare

In todays fast paced life staff-assisted Home Hemodialysis is a fast increasing treatment option that allows the patients suffering from Renal diseases to receive one-on-one care by a licensed hemodialysis professional in the comfort of your home. Treatment is administered by the Apex Homecare Team according to the direction of your consulting nephrologist. This unique option is completely dependant on the patient preferences and lifestyle!

  • You do not have to change your nephrologist and he will provide the oversight when you select this option.
  • The dialysis equipment is a single use system and remains in your home. Machine is available for rent so there is no intial setup cost.
  • Water sampling, maintenance, and servicing of the hemodialysis equipment are maintained in your home.
  • Dialysis supplies are delivered monthly by caring and conscientious personnel.
  • Medications will be administered by the dialysis nurse as ordered by doctor. And yes! This is all done in your home.
  • The Rehab physician and renal dietician will make appointments to visit you.
  • Blood collection will be done from home and reports will be delivered in your hand.
  • Pickup services for biohazard waste are scheduled and disposed per regulatory guidelines.

Now you can avail of the Home Dialysis Service offered by Apex Kidney Care

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