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At Apex it is one of our primary goal to provide top quality healthcare at affordable prices to patients. With this is mind AKC has started a state-of-the-art pathology laboratory - " Kidney Care Laboratory ”.

The packages are designed in such a way, so as to not only analysize current lab parameters for treatment purpose, but also prevent the onset or progress of the disease process. Each test package is hand picked by out panel of nephrologist so as to get a complete picture of what the patient requires without having to perform a battery of tests. All these packages are designed to keep the cost at a lowest sustainable keeping in mind the sinancial burden on the patients due to these tests.

We will also introduce (HLA)tissue typing and cross match by luminex and provide nephropathology for Kidny Biopsy

THe lab also makes sure We try to make it a great experience like easy online and phone appointments for home and in-centre visits and report delivery by email and by online access.

Our aim will be make this laboratory a high quality one where both the doctor and patient will be at peace as far as reliability of the results is concerned.

You can find more about Kidney Care Labs on website link here.

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