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Charitable Trusts and Philanthropists

If you are a charitable trust looking to start a dialysis centre think of outsourcing this to Apex. You will be assured of good quality of dialysis to your patients without the hassles of dealing with the day to day medical problems.

Charitable trust centres of excellence for dialysis-


  • Lalbaug Cha Raja Dialysis Centre, Lalbaug
  • Siddhivinayak Dialysis Center, Dadar
  • Hiramongi Navneet Dialysis Centre, Mulund
  • JITO Dialysis Centre, Ghatkoper
  • Rehbar Dialysis Centre, Govandi
  • Prabodhan Dialysis Centre, Goregaon
  • Nirali Hospital, Powai


  • Marwari Arogya Bhawan Hospital, Dibrugarh

The prestigious Lalbaug cha Raja Dialysis Centre started by the Lalbaug cha Raja Ganeshotsav Mandal is managed by Apex. The patient outcome parameters are comparable to the best in the world. This is what we have done and is there for all to see!! Photo of Lalbagcha Raja dialysis centre.

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