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Incenter Services - Travel Consultation

A patient suffering from dialysis not only has to go through the often times tedious task of undergoing dialysis at least 3 times a week but is also emotionally crushed about missing family trips and functions.

Research has found that the freedom to travel helps a dialysis patient boost their self esteem. Dialysis patients who travel have been found to respond better to the treatments given to them. With proper care and precaution, it is possible for the patient to travel with their families.

With the Apex Network spanning across 7 states with 85 centers it is possible for you to get the same high standard of treatment that you would receive in your home center. The staff at every Apex center is trained by experienced trainers to follow exact procedures.

If you are travelling to parts where Apex does not have a presence, your primary nephrologists will help you find dialysis units where you will be able to take dialysis, or help you plan your travel so that your dialysis needs are properly satisfied.

If you are not already taking dialysis treatment at the Apex Dialysis network, you can send a mail to info@apexkidneycare.com

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